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Re: flummoxed by netbsd-5 attach

Brad Parker wrote:

I managed to boot a 2.0.3 kernel on a real 11/730.

But I can't get a netbsd-5 kernel to work.  The bus attach code has
changed a lot and I'm crashing during the unibus attach.  I tried to
follow what the 750 was doing but I must have missed something.

[aside: has anyone booted netbsd-5 on a real 750?]

Could someone look over my code and tell me what I'm doing wrong?
I have new versions of vax/ubi.c and uba/uba_ubi.c

For what it's worth, netbsd-5 don't find anything on one of my Unibuses when running on a real 8650, so it's not useable on that hardware either.


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