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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

John Wilson wrote:
From: Anders Magnusson <ragge%ludd.ltu.se@localhost>

No, the hardware.  Hm, I think formatter is the corresponding word on
tape drives.  Gee, I haven't used these words in so long time so I
may even use the wrong words :-)

I think on RPs it was "DCL" (drive control logic?) and on RMs it was the
"RM adapter".  But the RP07 was its own special thing (Sperry, right?) that
acted more RMish than RPish so I wouldn't know.

The DCL is the card cage on top the RP drive, unless my memory fails me. Behind the lights and switches. The cage on the side of the drive is the massbus adapter. But of course I don't know which is the faulty one in Ragge's drive.

I think the RP07 might be Sperry, yeah. And yes, it looks like an RM drive on the massbus. In fact, you usually have the same device driver for RM drives, and the RP07, while another is used for other RP drives.

The massbus adapter in RM02/03 drives sits beneath the drive, in the same cabinet. I've never played with an RM05, but I believe that one have a larger massbus adapter, that sits on the side of the drive. I also seem to think that two RM05 drives could be paired (I can't remember where I saw that), with the adapter either shared between them, or somehow two adapters could be placed in a shared box between the drives.


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