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Re: netbsd on vax 11/730; booting in sim

"David Brownlee" wrote:
>From: Brad Parker <brad%heeltoe.com@localhost>
>> I also found that when init makes an mfs /dev it runs out of inodes.
>> Any idea how to fix that?  It's not fatal.
>That should be tunable in the source for init - look at the section that 
>creates the mfs. Alternatively you can adjust the relevant MAKEDEV target 
>so it doesn't create all the devices. Hopefully this has already been fixed 
>in current :)

actually, comparing the 2.0.3 /sbin/init sources and the 5_beta sources,
it looks like all the nice code to do that is turned off :-(

and replaced with a comment "useful for testing MAKEDEV".
plus, it's a telltail "if 0"

hmm.  I wonder why that was done.


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