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Re: current status of NetBSD on VAX

In article <14331.1231503189@mini>, Brad Parker  <brad%heeltoe.com@localhost> 
>Jochen Kunz wrote:
>>./build.sh -m vax \
>>      -D /usr/src/release-5/destdir/vax \
>>      -O /usr/src/release-5/objdir/vax \
>>      -T /usr/src/release-5/tooldir \
>>      -R /usr/src/release-5/releasedir \
>>      -U release
>I did this last night on the 5-beta sources, but it died building groff
>(which appears to be a known problem).
>How does one get past the groff build problem?
>(this is native build on an 11/780, simulated with simh)

What's the error?


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