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Re: Native build...

hbent%cs.oberlin.edu@localhost wrote:
On Wed, November 26, 2008 11:39 am, Johnny Billquist wrote:

pic: Unsupported relocation type 168 in non-PLT relocations

grops: Unsupported relocation type 136 in non-PLT relocations

I've seen these "unsupported relocation type" errors when trying to run
large cross-compiled programs.  I figured there was a problem with my
cross-compiling setup, but perhaps that's not the case.

Nope. That's a problem that have been around for a long time (atleast four years, and probably longer. I can't even remember anymore).
The only places I've seen it is with groff.
I've suspected something in c++ for a long time, but I plainly can't get my head around gcc (a combination of too little time also contributes...).


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