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Re: vax port status

Mr Ian Primus wrote:
--- On Thu, 10/30/08, Johnny Billquist <bqt%softjar.se@localhost> wrote:

So what is the current status? There was a flurry
of activity earlier
in the year and nothing lately. I can't really
detect from the list if
it is working or not.

As we speak, I am trying to netboot my VS4000/60
with -current which I
crossbuilt with Ubuntu Linux.
Current works pretty darn well - lots of packages
build and work and my
systems are completely stable.

NetBSD/Vax 4.0 does indeed work. I managed to get it installed and running on a 
MicroVax 3900 earlier this year. The big problem with the distro is that the 
bootstrapping stuff does NOT work, and hasn't for a long time. I had to use the 
boot.mop from the 1.5.3 distro. Also, about the only way I found to install it 
is by netbooting. You can't install from tape. The documentation is horribly 
out of date, and attempting to follow the howtos is an exercise in frustration.

But, once you do get it installed, it runs great.

I summarized the boot/install procedure (or tried to) here:

4.0... Yes... But -current?


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