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Re: Ultrix compatibility?

On Oct 7, 2008, at 3:57 AM, David Brownlee wrote:

On Mon, 6 Oct 2008, hbent%cs.oberlin.edu@localhost wrote:

I'm at a loss here. Normally I would go into the kernel source and throw in some printf statements, but I wasn't able to grok the code sufficiently
to figure out where they should be going.  Does anyone have any

        You could try NetBSD 4 & NetBSD 3 to find out where the breakage
        was introduced. I suspect some of the changes since NetBSD-4 to
        introduce the new threading and MP code may have had a side
        effect, or some of the compat code may not have been updated

Run it with gdb and see what instruction it's failing on.

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