Subject: Re: New to NetBSD/Vax, trying to bring up a MVII
To: None <>
From: Mr Ian Primus <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/16/2007 06:46:31
> I second that motion! :)
> Glad it worked. Too bad you can't upgrade from 1.4.3
> to 3.1 without a 
> boot medium, or else you would have been settled
> now. On the other hand, 
> 3.1 is much slower on older hardware than 1.4.3, so
> maybe you should 
> stick with 1.4.3 for a while first.

I was thinking about that too. I haven't actually
installed NetBSD on the Vax yet - only booted it from
tape. I need to write the distribution sets to tape
too, and go about installing, but I should be able to
get a running system.
> Maybe add a second hard disk to the system and write
> the current 3.1 
> boot.fs to it and boot from that? Then you can avoid
> the tape problem.

I thought about that too. Right now, I have two 70mb
ESDI disks, only one of which is installed. (I need to
rig up cables so that both disks can be connected at
once, and I need to use a PC style "twisted" control
cable because these disks are both set at DS1, and I
lack switch settings for them) But the NetBSD
installer was able to see my ESDI disk, and called it
ra0. It should be no problem to install 1.4.3.