Subject: Re: Vaxstation 3W3 to VGA pinouts
To: None <>
From: Luiz Guilherme Regis Emediato <>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/09/2006 17:17:57
Hi all,

I noticed that the monitor is displaying the wrong colors,
that is, blue and red seem to be exchanged. I guess I assembled the
pinouts correctly:  A1-red, A-2 green, A3-blue as indicated
on the 3W3 connector shell.
Does anyone happen to have the Vaxstation graphics card
specification and pinouts ? Something is wrong and, so far,
I could not figure what.

Luiz Regis


I built the cable 3W3(VAXstation-4000-60) to VGA(Monitor) following the
scheme as follows:

  3W3-A1        ---->  VGA-1   RED
  3W3-A1-gnd ---->  VGA-6
  3W3-A2        ---->  VGA-2  GREEN
  3W3-A2-gnd ---->  VGA-7 
  3W3-A3         ---->  VGA-3  BLUE
   3W3-A3-gnd ---->  VGA-8

However, when I turn on the Vaxstation, system starts the diagnostic test,
monitor starts up and the screen become light-blue for a second as per 
the regular screen-test
but no SRM chevron prompt shows up. I can not get the command prompt on
the screen. I have no keyboard at present so I am using a serial console to
communicate with system prom. I realized that the monitor screen displays
a very dark-green but I can not see any >>> on it.
Does the monitor require a keyboard to start up ?
What am I missing here ?

Luiz Regis