Subject: VAX 11 -750 rescue in the Chicago area
To: None <>
From: Stan Johnson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/21/2005 20:13:33
Hi all

In July I posted trying to sale a VAX 11/750.  I've
had several people try to buy the machine, but the
sales have fallen thru for various reasons.  I originally
thought I had to have the machine sold and gone
by the beginning of aug, but I got an extension  to the
end of sept. for the storage space.  Unfortunately
the sale that was suppose to move the machine
last weekend has seems to have died.  If I don't hear from
the buyer by tomorrow, I ll need to find someone
else to take the machine.  So  I am starting
now since I am running out of time.

After my original post several people said I was
asking too much money (~$500), but other
people seemed to be interested.  Is there
anyone that can pickup a VAX 11/750 at a
location ~40 miles west of Chicago this coming
weekend?  If you can pickup the machine this
weekend it is yours.  Pay me what you think
the machine is worth, and if you have to spend
the money on a truck to transport the machine
instead, then so be it.  I really want to see the
machine saved.

Let me know ASAP.  If I get no responses by
Friday, I'll have to make arrangments to have
it hauled away for scrap on Monday.  It has to
be out of the storage space by Monday evening.

Following is a list of what is included.

Thanks again for your time,  sorry for the
short notice........
stan johnson

Here is what is included;
......Full Set of spares, front panel down to the power supplies,
......Print Set,