Subject: Re: Keyboard connection for a vaxstation 4000/60
To: None <>
From: Michael Parson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/30/2005 15:20:19
On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 10:00:27PM +0200, bart sikkes wrote:
> Hello all,
> Again I apologize for the newbie questions, the last time I hooked up
> a terminal it just worked, but apparently I was just lucky.
> I played around a little more with the settings on the Texas
> Instruments terminal, but I keep ending up with giberish on the
> screen. It's causing the vaxstation not to complete booting, when I
> got just the monitor hooked up it beeps after a while when the mem
> test is done, that doesn't happen now. It justs keeps putting the
> giberish on the screen.
> I got the terminal hooked up via the phonejack like connection (which
> is called MMJ I believe) on the vaxstation and a similar connection on
> the terminal. I'm not sure if this cable is right and aren't able to
> test it on another system. On the terminal there are two menu's that
> have options that I think matter for this, when I change them I get
> different giberish. Ill list the options and if someone sees something
> clearly wrong please let me know.
> [emulation]
> Emulation: VT100
> Terminal Id: VT100
> Control Codes: 7-bit
> Character Mode: 7-bit
> Prefered Char Set: ISO 8859-1 Latin
> [port 1]
> Communication: Full Duplex
> Data Length: 8 bits
> Parity: None
> Stop Bits: 1
> Xmit Baud: 9600
> Recv Baud: 9600
> Xmit Pace: Xon/Xoff (other options: None / Xon/Xoff / DSR / DTR/Xon/Xoff)
> Recv Pace: Xoff at 128 (other options: None / Xoff at 64 / Xoff at 128 / DTR
> / DTR/Xon/Xoff)
> Limited Tramsmit: Off
> DSRI: No
> CTS: Ignore
> CD: Ignore
> Break Duration: 170 ms
> Disconnect Delay: 2 sec
> Aux Printer Type: National 

Looks good.  If you're getting data, even gibberish, you're probably
using a good cable.  There is the off chance that the previous user of
this system set the baud rate to something other than 9600.  I'd also
set the xmit/recv pace (also known as handshake) to none, at first.

Try stepping up the baud rate, one step at a time, 19200, then 38400.  I
doubt it would be set faster than that.  Possibly slower too, could be

Michael Parson