Subject: RE: Keyboard connection for a vaxstation 4000/60
To: None <>
From: bart sikkes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/30/2005 22:00:27
Hello all,

Again I apologize for the newbie questions, the last time I hooked up a
terminal it just worked, but apparently I was just lucky.

I played around a little more with the settings on the Texas Instruments
terminal, but I keep ending up with giberish on the screen. It's causing the
vaxstation not to complete booting, when I got just the monitor hooked up it
beeps after a while when the mem test is done, that doesn't happen now. It
justs keeps putting the giberish on the screen.

I got the terminal hooked up via the phonejack like connection (which is
called MMJ I believe) on the vaxstation and a similar connection on the
terminal. I'm not sure if this cable is right and aren't able to test it on
another system. On the terminal there are two menu's that have options that
I think matter for this, when I change them I get different giberish. Ill
list the options and if someone sees something clearly wrong please let me

Emulation: VT100
Terminal Id: VT100
Control Codes: 7-bit
Character Mode: 7-bit
Prefered Char Set: ISO 8859-1 Latin

[port 1]
Communication: Full Duplex
Data Length: 8 bits
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Xmit Baud: 9600
Recv Baud: 9600
Xmit Pace: Xon/Xoff (other options: None / Xon/Xoff / DSR / DTR/Xon/Xoff)
Recv Pace: Xoff at 128 (other options: None / Xoff at 64 / Xoff at 128 / DTR
/ DTR/Xon/Xoff)
Limited Tramsmit: Off
CTS: Ignore
CD: Ignore
Break Duration: 170 ms
Disconnect Delay: 2 sec
Aux Printer Type: National 

I can also hook the TI terminal up via de 25pin female <--> 25pin female
cable but I don't have one of those around here. If I want to get a cable
for this would a standard cable work or does it need to be specially

I looked into connecting the vaxstation to my pc, to run a terminal
emulation on that, but I don't have the right cable for that either. I would
need at 25pin female <--> 9pin female cable then I think. Could I just use a
"standard" cable for that or will I then fry something?