Subject: RE: Keyboard connection for a vaxstation 4000/60
To: None <>
From: bart sikkes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/30/2005 00:29:32
> Just in case, have you switched the s3 switch (in the front
> flap) to the up position. You won't get anything on the serial port 
> without it.

Yes I flipped that switch. And I don't expect any fancy grahpics, I know
what to expect from a terminal, but I do expect to see the prompt I can see
when I have to system switched to monitor mode, except then I don't have a
keyboard to give input.

I hooked the terminal up via the phonejack like port to the TI terminal,
which is a model 928, but am getting giberish on the screen, so I most
likely don't have to settings on the terminal right yet. Ill play some more
with that, there is lots to choose from and ask again when I can't figure it