Subject: 43 FILESTRUCT solved
To: None <>
From: Gabriele Bozzi <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/27/2005 18:26:08
Thanks Kirk, Antonio.

After receiving your explanation it seemed so logical ;-)
I guess I did not crawl enough. Part of my wrong assumptions come also
by having seen the installer perfoming some disklabels here and there
while partitioning the hard disk.
I was pretty confident a boot signature was included.
I was wrong.=20
Indeed NetBSD seems to leave freedom to the admin to decide what, when and =
A real OS for real sysadmins :)

The 3100 is candidate on one of these days to go online running a mud,
possibly one that has some historical sense: I have to document a
myself a bit on the matter. I am just checking to find a way to
install some more memory than my 16mb.

Thanks for the prompt response, you scored better than some higly paid
services I deal at work every day!!


Gabriele Bozzi
Beveren - Belgie

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