Subject: Re: Next step: Now I need some DEC MMJ patch cords, plus misc. hardware
To: Gregg C Levine <>
From: Jan-Benedict Glaw <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/24/2005 19:54:01
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On Thu, 2005-02-24 13:02:21 -0500, Gregg C Levine <hansolofalcon@worldnet.a=>
wrote in message <002f01c51a9b$002c8d60$6401a8c0@who5>:
> Hello from Gregg C Levine
> Thanks for helping me find that information regarding how to wire an
> adapter for a DEC MMJ cord set to RS232 connectors. Now I need to find
> a place that sells DEC MMJ patch cords at reasonable prices in the US,
> preferably in the NYC area. Also the connector that they plug into.
> The wiring guide that website produced talked about only how to wire a
> DEC MMJ socket to a DB9 or DB25 connector, not my problem, wiring a
> plug to those connectors.

As I wrote, I disagree with the pin numbering and I also told you the
table is right and how I did count the pins at the plug. Here's it

       ______		Plug in front of you, cable downwards, the
      ///   /|		contacts are now behind the plug, it's nose
     ///   / |		looks towards you. Now cout the contacts left
    /     / /		to right from 1 to 6.
   |-----| /

The DB25 and DE9 plugs have the numbers on them, just look hard at the
plastic parts. (And yes, it's DE9, not DB9!)

MMJ	<->	DB25	<->	DE9	Signal
1		20		4	DTR
2		2		3	TxD
3		7		5	Signal Ground
4		7		5	Signal Ground
5		3		2	RxD
6		6		6	DSR

As it was already stated, you'd just use a normal telephone plug and cut
off the nose. However, some good electronics part shops should have them
around (or should be able to get them). From personal experience, I
advice against using modded telephone ("6P6C") plug. These tend to slip
out of the jackets and may cause some mental pain... (At least I tend to
do a job properly, I'd *hate* to walk down into the basement to press
the plug in again...)


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