Subject: Re: Does anyone have the specs for wiring DEC MMJs
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From: Jan-Benedict Glaw <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/23/2005 18:56:03
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On Wed, 2005-02-23 17:49:22 +0100, Johnny Billquist <bqt@Update.UU.SE>
wrote in message <Pine.LNX.4.62.0502231749030.28088@Psilocybe.Update.UU.SE>:
> On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, Gregg C Levine wrote:
> >That being stated, I was able to identify the ports on the machine's
> >back, and naturally the serial port is a DEC MMJ. Now the question:
> >Does anyone have the specifications for wiring a DEC MMJ? I have a
> >computer who's wearing the usual serial port on his back, and I need
> >to create a cable that's got an RS232 connector on one end and a DEC
> >MMJ on the other. Incidentally the computer who will be posing as the
> >console will be a Compaq Portable III.
> Very quick googling gave this:

So basically is
what Gregg is looking for (or the next one, depending on DE-9 or DB25).
As a side note, I disagree with the how the socket is drawn (though, the
numbering is the same compared to what I found in my papers).

If you hold the plug (with cable) in your hands, right in front of you,
put the cable down, the contacts away from you, so that you're looking
at the "nose", which should now be at the left side. With this view, the
pins are numbered 1 to 6 from left to right.


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