Subject: Re: Accelerated LCSPX driver
To: None <>
From: Blaz Antonic <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/20/2004 13:48:24

> Unfortunately I just got a blank screen almost as if it didn't think the
> lcspx was the main console. Also the keyboard was beeping and bleeping
> like mad so I guess that's where the console output went :(

Yep, this has been discussed before (about 3 months ago) here, it's
console output being sent into keyboard. IIRC it had something to do
with keyboard port being set incorrectly or something like that - either
way, it was not a bug in framebuffer driver.

Michael, do you have this fixed already on your side ? You're testing
stuff with glass console rather than serial so i suppose you must have
resolved this problem. Can you please post a patch so it gets submitted
in the main tree ?

Blaz Antonic
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