Subject: VS3100 - 1.6
To: None <>
From: Kevin D. Ogden <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/27/2003 02:23:06
I was tempted to load NetBSD/vax 1.6.1 on my VAXstation but I can't 
seem to find a MOP image that works for some reason.  I've ruled out a 
configuration issue on boot server, the 1.5.3 MOP image works fine.  Is 
there one hiding on the FTP server somewhere?

Another question, how bad is moving to 1.6.1 from 1.5.3 going to affect 
performance on this crate?  I've only got 16 megs of RAM and it's only 
about 2.8 VUPS, I think the clock rate is like 12mhz not that that 
really means squat.

Another really stupid question, upon boot I noticed it said a had a 
4-line DZ11 (well a flaky workalike anyway).  I see 2 MMJ jacks, are 
the other 2 lines for the keyboard and mouse I'll probably never get?  
Is there any way to use them as standard serial ports or should I get a 
life and buy a microvax and beg/borrow/steal a QBUS MSCP<->SCSI 

Thanks a lot guys :-)

Oh, somebody I know I was comparing computers to cars recently.  I 
think if computers were cars VAXen would be a big Volvo.  They're not 
very speedy but they're seriously overbuilt and last forever.
And in a head-on collision with a PC at 65mph the VAX would definately 
come out on top and probably run. 
It might be entertaining to test this theory hehe

--Kevin D. Ogden