Subject: MicroVAX 3100-30 background info
To: 'port-vax' <>
From: bart <>
List: port-vax
Date: 09/26/2003 12:27:13

I just added another vax to my modest collection, a MicroVAX 3100-30. =
When I
have some more time ill go about getting netbsd working on it but for =
now I
just have another kind of question.

What were these mainly used for? I saw it was a rather new model =
that is :) ) and not called VAXstation so does that mean they were more
servers then workstations? Judging on the size of it that doesn't really
show, compared to an uVax II for example.

This seems to me like to best place to ask this, if that is not right =
let me know where I could ask it better.