Subject: Re: Which monitors go with a VS3100 M38?
To: None <>
From: Chris Wareham <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/19/2003 10:35:33 wrote:
> But.... and the story gets stranger, here, for sure.....(:+}}
> I had this old PeeCee klunker monitor, a Radius 20'' thing
> with the 5 bnc connectors out the back, looking similar to
> the usual 20'' sony things everyone uses.... and, wanting to
> see if I could smoke the ol' 5 dollar junker,.... thought....
> " What if I hooked it up to the VAX.....(:+}}...''
> The blue gun is out on the monitor so it gives me red and
> green on the PC, which is OK for a server machine.  I tend
> to like greenscreens in large print on a cmdline server.
> Hooking said klunker thingy up to the VAX, and Voila!
> The thing works on the VAX!  It works fine in color mode
> (aside from its busted blue gun) but it also works fine
> with just the gree/sync bnc hooked up and the red/blue
> off.

I used a PC monitor on a VaxStation 3100 and it was also a resounding
success. From what was said on this list some time ago, any monitor that
will do sync on green will work. I now have a genuine DEC monitor (a
VR297 if memory serves), but that's because it doesn't look as out of
place atop a Vax as a 21" PC monitor does.

> Now, if we just had a good X to run on them, in NetBSD!
> What is the status of running monitor consoles on the
> VAXentoyz, these days, in lieu of the serial consoles?

There are some patches and a buggy X server somewhere on the NetBSD FTP
site. Running the console on the VS3100's monitor worked without any
changes from what I remember, but while the patched kernel built and
ran, the X server wouldn't. My VS3100 now runs VMS, but if anyone more
capable than me could get X working I'd be reinstalling NetBSD as soon
as possible. (The remainder of my Vaxen still run NetBSD).