Subject: Re: Which monitors go with a VS3100 M38?
To: None <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/18/2003 08:53:20
	FYI - My VaxStation 3100 M38s used a mono- VR262 monitor. It did also
work hooked to the green on a Digital VR17-HA color monitor.
	BTW, does anybody have a spare 5 BNC cable so I can use my VR17? I can
even trade you with the cable I have, except the blue channel on that
cable doesn't work... wrote:
> John wrote:
> >>>I think you need a VR299-D3
> >>>f you are in the UK I have one needing a good home...
> The D3 is a UK 220v version, but the 299-DA would be a good
> choice for me to look for.  Me being in the US, it would be a
> long swim or float....(:+}}...
> I am thinking my VRT19 is mostly toast, since I can't get it
> to sync on anything DEC in hi or low sync mode.  All my
> DEC monitors are going downhill, of late, it seems.  This
> makes about the tenth one kaput over the past year.  Oh,
> well.
> But.... and the story gets stranger, here, for sure.....(:+}}
> I had this old PeeCee klunker monitor, a Radius 20'' thing
> with the 5 bnc connectors out the back, looking similar to
> the usual 20'' sony things everyone uses.... and, wanting to
> see if I could smoke the ol' 5 dollar junker,.... thought....
> " What if I hooked it up to the VAX.....(:+}}...''
> The blue gun is out on the monitor so it gives me red and
> green on the PC, which is OK for a server machine.  I tend
> to like greenscreens in large print on a cmdline server.
> Hooking said klunker thingy up to the VAX, and Voila!
> The thing works on the VAX!  It works fine in color mode
> (aside from its busted blue gun) but it also works fine
> with just the gree/sync bnc hooked up and the red/blue
> off.
> Around here, DEC terminals are almost unobtainum, but,
> there are lots of pc and apple monitors that folks are getting
> rid of because they are replacing them with flatscreens.
> The usual PeeCee guys in the surplus haunts pass them
> by, since they don't have the usual vga connects.  Noone
> seems to want to do the 5-BNC cable route thing.  So,
> if they are multisync, it appears they probably will work
> fine on the VAXentoyz.  Good karma....!
> This week, in the dumpster diving surplus feeding frenzies,
> I will seek out the one true VAX compatible 5-BNC monitors
> everyone avoids, and be happy!   Yeah!  I won't tell the PeeCee
> boyz, for sure.
> It seems there may be life in the old VAXentoyz, yet!
> Now, if we just had a good X to run on them, in NetBSD!
> What is the status of running monitor consoles on the
> VAXentoyz, these days, in lieu of the serial consoles?
> Thanks
> Bob Keys

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