Subject: Re: Which monitors go with a VS3100 M38?
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/17/2003 23:46:02
John wrote:

>>>I think you need a VR299-D3

>>>f you are in the UK I have one needing a good home...

The D3 is a UK 220v version, but the 299-DA would be a good
choice for me to look for.  Me being in the US, it would be a
long swim or float....(:+}}...

I am thinking my VRT19 is mostly toast, since I can't get it
to sync on anything DEC in hi or low sync mode.  All my
DEC monitors are going downhill, of late, it seems.  This
makes about the tenth one kaput over the past year.  Oh,

But.... and the story gets stranger, here, for sure.....(:+}}

I had this old PeeCee klunker monitor, a Radius 20'' thing
with the 5 bnc connectors out the back, looking similar to
the usual 20'' sony things everyone uses.... and, wanting to
see if I could smoke the ol' 5 dollar junker,.... thought....
" What if I hooked it up to the VAX.....(:+}}...''

The blue gun is out on the monitor so it gives me red and
green on the PC, which is OK for a server machine.  I tend
to like greenscreens in large print on a cmdline server.

Hooking said klunker thingy up to the VAX, and Voila!
The thing works on the VAX!  It works fine in color mode
(aside from its busted blue gun) but it also works fine
with just the gree/sync bnc hooked up and the red/blue

Around here, DEC terminals are almost unobtainum, but,
there are lots of pc and apple monitors that folks are getting
rid of because they are replacing them with flatscreens.
The usual PeeCee guys in the surplus haunts pass them
by, since they don't have the usual vga connects.  Noone
seems to want to do the 5-BNC cable route thing.  So,
if they are multisync, it appears they probably will work
fine on the VAXentoyz.  Good karma....!

This week, in the dumpster diving surplus feeding frenzies,
I will seek out the one true VAX compatible 5-BNC monitors
everyone avoids, and be happy!   Yeah!  I won't tell the PeeCee
boyz, for sure.

It seems there may be life in the old VAXentoyz, yet!

Now, if we just had a good X to run on them, in NetBSD!
What is the status of running monitor consoles on the
VAXentoyz, these days, in lieu of the serial consoles?


Bob Keys