Subject: Re: Which monitors go with a VS3100 M38
To: None <>
From: pcw <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/17/2003 12:18:30
>I am trying to set up a VAXstation 3100 M38.  The monitor
>I am using is a VRT19-DA or a VR297-DA.  The 297 does
>not sync at all.  The 19 does, but in both the high and low
>switch sync positions (on the back of the monitor) I get,
>instead of the one monitor output, three columns of output
>side by side, indicating something is still not quite in sync.
>What were the monitors that were supposed to be used with
>the VAXstation 3100 M38 class machines?
>Anyone know if a VAXstation 3100 Maintenance Guide pdf
>is available somewhere, or maybe the users manual?
>Bob Keys

Which Video card (If any)?

I think this is approximately correct:

GPX Video card	= color 1024x864 @ 60 Hz refresh - VR 290,299,297
SPX Video card	= color 1024x1280 @ 66 or 72 Hz refresh - VRT19, VR320

No video card = monochrome 1024x864 @ 60 Hz refresh - VR 260, 262

	If you have no video card, The VR297-DA should sync to the mono
signal (on the VR297's green input) but I think mono video comes out on a
funny pin so you need the mono video cable...

Peter wallace