Subject: Which NetBSD for a VAX 4000 108
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 08/12/2003 20:32:00
I am working on a VAX 4000 108, for a friend.  I tried an
install of OpenBSD 3.3 current builds 14 and 33, and both
of those come up although the build 33 has some strange
disk layout issues that prevented me from doing much.
The build 14 worked fine.  I wanted also to see if a NetBSD
would run on the box, and tried a NetBSD-1.6 stable from
a couple of days ago, and that just locked up the machine,
not even getting into the boot.  The same disk runs fine on
VAX 31xx boxes, and 4000 60/90 boxes.  Is there a better
set of binaries for NetBSD VAX that I should be using to
try to run on a 4000 108?  I was under the impression that
current was sort of not-there yet, because of compiler
issues.  Anyone actually running a NetBSD on a 4000 108
class machine?  (That is one nice little peeceeVAXentoy,
with a few hundred mb of ram and some decent HD space!
Too bad it had to look like a peecee rather than a VAX!)


Bob Keys