Subject: Re: 1.6.1 cd and microvax 3100/90
To: Brian Wheeler <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/31/2003 11:19:28
On 2003.07.31 03:33 Brian Wheeler wrote:

> I grabbed the iso image from and burned it to a disc,
> but when I boot it on my 3100/90 it hangs after the 1...0...
The bootblocks do not support this machine right now. You have to
netboot it. AFAIK the mop netbootloader of 1.6.x is broken, so you must
use moot.mop from 1.5.x.=20

You may try:
This contains a 1.6B kernel (netbsd) from my MV3100m95, first stage
booter (xxboot) and second stage booter (boot) as well as a MD5 checksum
file (MD5). Make a backup copy of your existing files! Copy netbsd and
boot to the / directory and install the first stage bootloader with
installboot(8). All MV3100m9x and VAX4k1xx (VAX53 type machines) should
be able to autoboot with this stuff. Additionally the VS4k90 (VAX49) is
supported. Kernel config file is included:
tar xOzf mv3100_kern_boot.tar.gz netbsd | strings | sed -n 's/^_CFG_//p'
| unvis

Note that NetBSD-current/VAX is broken for some time now and the last
-current I could build, 1.6R, runns very unreliable. This may continue
for some time due to the recent import od GCC 3.3. So it would be best
to stay at 1.6.1 (with the 1.6B kernel) and wait for a new -current. It
is worth trying -current on VAX, as there are some improvements in the
VM system, etc.