Subject: RE: [ot] Netbooting VMS Install
To: Gregg C Levine <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/08/2003 21:57:52
At 09:39 PM 7/8/2003, Gregg C Levine wrote:
>Hello from Gregg C Levine
>Oh? There's a group based on Source Forge, that is running a
>Linux-DECnet project. According to them, once you've turned on the
>requisite features inside a standard 2.4.x series kernel for that form
>of networking, that is basic DECnet services. And made, and installed
>the required items, or installed the necessary items as pre-made
>binaries, everything should work, including using the MOP protocols,
>with TFTP. Remember, in this wonky world nothing is impossible, except
>governments. And a few of my friends are working on that one.

Trust me, netbooting VMS doesn't use DECnet (well it uses MOP to get
the loader but after that DECnet isn't involved).

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