Subject: VAX port memory management Re: Internal compuiler error
To: Blaz Antonic <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/04/2003 15:34:22
On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, Blaz Antonic wrote:

> Hello,
> >         Hum. The tcsh/csh way to unlimit all resources is 'unlimit'. For
> >         sh/bash you probably need
> >                 ulimit -d `ulimit -H -d`
> >                 ulimit -m `ulimit -H -m`
> >                 ulimit -s `ulimit -H -s`
> Done, will try to compile that mozilla file again ...
> ... same crash, same error message. Again, this was with 56 MB of RAM
> and 64 MB of swap, none of which ?(swap) was used apparently in the
> process.

On a potentially related note.  IIRC, there were some fairly strict
(at least by current standards) limits on the maximum process size owing
to the VAX port's memory management implementation.  I seem to remember
that limit being set at 64MB per process to keep the page tables down
to a reasonable size.  I've certainly hit that wall with a variety of
larger compiles in the past, the results often being that the compiler
fails in unusual ways when chugging along a large source file.

However, I thought Ragge was working on an updated memory management
implementation that removed that limit, and that he'd actually committed
the new code some number of months ago.  I'm not sure when exactly that
happened, but perhaps the improvements are only available in -current.

My VAXen are all powered off and boxed for a pending move, so I can't
do much to directly aid the cause at the moment.