Subject: Re: Internal compuiler error
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Blaz Antonic <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/04/2003 16:00:22

>         Hum. The tcsh/csh way to unlimit all resources is 'unlimit'. For
>         sh/bash you probably need
>                 ulimit -d `ulimit -H -d`
>                 ulimit -m `ulimit -H -m`
>                 ulimit -s `ulimit -H -s`

Done, will try to compile that mozilla file again ...

... same crash, same error message. Again, this was with 56 MB of RAM
and 64 MB of swap, none of which ?(swap) was used apparently in the
>         If gcc runs out of memory is tends to crash with an internal
>         error.

Peak usage i got during mozilla compile was 56 MB of RAM + 4 MB of swap.
That leaves 60 MB of swap with biggest files and this one is far from
being one of the biggest, memory usage-wise. I believe i posted error
message to the mailing list but apparently nobody knows what "internal
compiler error in `gen_call_pop', at insn-emit.c:1556" means .. i can
speculate about the meaning of the error message but that doesn't bring
me anywhere closer to making that thing finally compile.
>         There are a _few_ binary packages available for NetBSD/vax 1.6.1

I know. I'd like to have more thom, hence my effort :) BTW, is it
possible to submit packages built for others to use ? It doesn't sound
very secure so i guess only trusted infividuals are allowed to submit
the packages.
>         They tend to lag the release a little as it take some time to
>         get them all compiled :)

Understandable .. but they don't lag because of slower CPUs but because
of problems like the ones i encountered. Few of these in key packages
and it's impossible to compile anything but packages that don't depend
on other packages.  Or even worse, it''s possible to compile ton of
stuff key package depends on but it's impossible to compile that one
final package, as in the case of mozilla or icewm or gcc3.

Blaz Antonic
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