Subject: Re: Internal compuiler error
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Blaz Antonic <>
List: port-vax
Date: 07/04/2003 14:46:54

>         The gtexinfo and whatever else needed for gcc3. As it happens
>         on -current gcc3 does not need any other packages installed,
>         though I don't know if you really want to start playing with
>         curent as well :)

Will try without -O2 (which is set in Makefile as i just discovered). It
took me a while to find it .. In some person's infinite wisdom locate
isn't part of standard userland package and i have yet to find it in
pkgsrc, until then i have to resort to find (you don't want to do find
on pkgsrc, at least not here) or waiting for make from gcc3 to complain

... done, it crashes in the same place without any optimization flag,
while linking makedoc (three cases of undefined reference to
_libintl_gettext). At the risk of sounding stupid, should i make clean,
not just make clean in directories intl and info (where libintl and
makedoc reside) before attempting to compile without -O2 ? 
>         There is something very odd going on in the land of vaxen - I'm
>         using pkgsrc on sparc & i386 without any of these problems :/

I've seen some comments about Linux distributions  in mailing list
archives so i' was really surprised to see something like this happen
(if i disregard vs4k cougar prom wrecking since i wasn't affected by it
...). But it did happen, base packages (not the package collection) are
insufficient for anything but barebone system and pkgsrc is defective,
mildly put. While i've seen some errors in 'distros' too (broken Samba
in Slackware for example) newer version was only 1 compile away. Here
everything but the most basic stuff is 3+ compiles away, if i'm lucky
and nothing crahses in the meanwhile. I don't think it has anything to
do with the architecture itself, vaxen are cool, it's the
arch-indenpendent stuff that is obviously defective (human errors).

Blaz Antonic
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