Subject: Re: DSSI 5-pin power connector
To: <>
From: Charles H. Dickman <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/26/2003 18:27:41
Lord Isildur wrote:

>yes you can... i actually just made some adaptors by snugly fixing some 
>heavier stranded wire into the sockets on the 5-pin connector, ignored 
>the 5th pin, and the wired a 4pin connector to it- to do a nondestructive 
>modification, in case i ever wanted the dssi connectors again (not very 
>On Wed, 21 May 2003, J. Buck Caldwell wrote:
>>I've got a BA213 with the funky 5-pin power connectors. I'm looking to 
>>fill up the case with modern SCSI drives. What is the pinout for that 
>>drive - can I hack off the 5-pin, tape up the blue wire, and solder on a 
>>standard 4-pin power connector? 

Lets reverse this.... say I have a DSSI drive and want to connect it to 
a 4 pin power connector....

I have already done this, and by connect +5 to the extra pin, the drive 

It also will not start fast enough to autoboot NetBSD on an MVIII at 
power up.

What I have is a KA650 processor and a KFQSA DSSI adapter connected to 
an RF71 drive. If I "SET BOOT DUA0" and then cycle power, the boot fails 
with a timeout. Another "BOOT DUA0" then succeeds.


Since power fails on the drive abruptly without the ACLO warning, is the 
drive rechecking some integrity on restart before it allows a system to 
boot from it? This is all in a BA23 chassis, so I think that the ACLO 
signal is available on one of the power supply headers.

I was hoping to use the MVIII as a terminal/console server, 2 DHV11's 
give me plenty of ports, but a console server needs to boot on its own 
without any help to be really useful.