Subject: Re: RZ23: What is it good for?
To: Carl Lowenstein <>
From: Felix Deichmann <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/22/2003 14:45:29
Carl Lowenstein wrote:
> Are the disks actually spinning up?  DEC typically sent a spinup signal
> to the disk drives at boot time.  Most DEC disks can be jumpered to
> spin up when power is applied rather than waiting for a command from
> the controller.  Some SCSI host adapters can be configured to send
> the spinup command.

Some of the DEC disks can be jumpered to spin up, but there are also 
many which don't have a spinup jumper.

The solution is to use a little program called "RZDISK" (available for 
VMS and Ultrix, afaik). You can use it to set different drive parameters 
which will be stored in the drive. You can enable write cache for 
example, but for DEC RZ disks it is more interesting to look at the DEC 
specific parameters. There you will find a parameter called "Spinup on 
power up" :-)

Is there a NetBSD equivalent of rzdisk?