Subject: Re: Discusware on NetBSD
To: Jasper Hoon <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/21/2003 08:52:51
On Wed, 21 May 2003, Jasper Hoon wrote:

> I have installed discusware (forum software) on my uVax3100 (12MB
> Ram), but it is extremely slow. Is it normal on this MicroVax config?

Do you mean this product?  <>
Heh.  On a 12MB system, I'd say you're probably lucky it runs at all.
:-)  If you can add more memory to your VAX, that's likely to help

> Any other suggestions for "faster" Forum software for my NetBSD/Vax?

As for web based forum software, I'd guess any of it will be fairly
painful to run under your current memory constraints; even the demands
of a vanilla Apache web server would be quite high.

I'd say that you might be better off running a local traffic netnews
server on it, like INN; then people can use news client software to
access it.  Another option might be to run a Cyrus IMAP server.
Cyrus supports shared mailboxes which can be used in a way similar
to newgroups (or forums, or BBSes, etc.)  There's always the option
of setting up a mailing list server.

None of those will be as slick or featureful as Discusware, and they
may not meet your functional requirements, but they also won't grind
your MicroVAX to a crawl.