Subject: RE: Unexpected problems, part 2
To: 'Johnny Billquist' <>
From: Antonio Carlini <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/20/2003 22:53:22
> > Does it still have a PDP-11 as console processor or a MivroVAX II?
> > I have somthing in my mind the early VAXen had PDP-11/03 or PRO3xx=20
> > as FEP and the later MV II FEPs.=20
> The 11/78x have an 11/03, the 83x0 and 85x0 have a PRO. The=20
> 86x0 have a T11, which means it's by itself in that regard as well.

The 82x0/83x0 (Scorpio) machines did not have a front end
processor. The primitive console was implemented in=20
the V-11 chipset microcode (IIRC).

The 8700/8800 (Nautilus) have a PRO (same as the 85x0). The
(Polarstar) are a Nautilus variant which have the necessary bits to
expand right the way up to four processors. These have uVAX II consoles.
Since they are so closely related to the Nautilus range, I expect that
it is possible to see a Nautilus with a uVAX II console and a
Polarstar with a Pro. But that's just a guess - I never knowingly got
too near these machines.

The VAX 9000 had a uVAX II console.

I think everything else implemented the console
in either microcode or macrocode (i.e. straight
VAX machine code).


Antonio Carlini