Subject: Re: Unexpected problems, part 2
To: Brian Chase <>
From: Blaz Antonic <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/20/2003 17:16:37

> You might try getting in touch with Varga Ákos Endre to see if he has
> any spare machines, or pointers to locations where they might be found.
> He's in Hungary, and seems to have (or have had) access to a number of
> old VAX and Soviet VAX clone systems.

While it prolly wouldn't hurt to ask there are two things: a very kind
guy who apparently just lurks on the mailing list offered a 4k/60 with
extra goodies for the cost of shipping, such a box is (geometrically) in
the middle between my existing box and NVAX box which is great speed-up;
knowing that Hungary was a former eastern block country just like ours
(even more so, we were "the third world" :-)))) i doubt there are NVAX
boxes floating around. I might contact him regardless though, he might
have some leads on useful prehipherals.

Blaz Antonic