Subject: VAX 6410 question
To: None <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/19/2003 16:08:27
Ok, I've finally got the power installed and I'm getting ready to power on 
a VAX 6410 for the first time (since it was powered off and stored many 
moons ago). I am the first to admit that I'm pretty sketchy on any power 
arrangement other than house current :-) Hence I've got a number of 

First, if you look at the back of this VAX, there is a big power box on the 
lower right corner with the big grey power cord coming out. That thing has 
two "inverse" NEMA plugs on the top. (similar to the ones on the back of a 
PC power supply). I'm hoping those are two "regular" single phase plugs. 
True or false?

Next there is another box to the left of that one that what looks like your 
standard (house current) NEMA plug input and on the bottom is a power 
switch. Plugged into that was a power cord that one "other" end, it could 
plug into the connector on the big power box, but it wasn't plugged there. 
Logic dictates that it should be plugged in there but I'm not sure I want 
to just "turn it on and see." :-)

The VAX in question has a CBI 1000/T SCSI interface, it could use a /TM 
interface if you know what I mean. I'd be willing to swap a Qbus SCSI 
interface for a CMD XMI SCSI interface. (or anyone's interface if it was 
compatible with the CMD cab kit and jumpers). Ideally it would be CBI 
1000/TM because that is what I have the manual for :-).

There is space in the bottom for RA90 drives, although this VAX came with a 
bunch (7) drives in an SA700 rack. Presumably I could move a couple over 
and reduce the system down to a single racks worth of gear. (well I still 
have the TU81+ but the SCSI interface could help there too)

Finally, presumably the 6000 series is supported in VMS 7.2 (and some time 
later NetBSD) My thought was to create a virgin install of VMS on another 
VAX, create a standalone backup tape with the image on it, and restore it 
to one of the RA90's for a bootable VMS image. I could netboot it by 
clustering it a VLC ( double :-) ) I think I'll try the tape solution first 
however :-)