Subject: Re: Unexpected problems, part 2
To: Johnny Billquist <>
From: Blaz Antonic <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/19/2003 13:59:05

> > Another option is to leave the serial cable disconnected until you
> > need it.  That does require some error prone "human intervention" steps
> > to come into play to work.   The next time this happens, try entering
> > the CONTINUE command at the >>> prompt to see if things pick up from
> > where they were before the halt.
> Yet another option is to set the vax not to trap the break.
> On some machines, you have a physical switch for this, others might have a
> setup option.

Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be possible in VS3100 :-( So i
suppose i'm stuck with either unplugging MMJ or random HLTs every now
and then. Pesky. Is this break sequence needed for anything else in
console operation, anything but breaking out of corrent program ?? Would
unidirectional MCU-based serial line proxy on RX wire pair that is
filtering out break sequence do the trick ? Is it worth bothering at
all, considering that i'd have to squeeze MCU, MAX232 and few other bits
in a little box and power it somehow ? Could console port (DB15
connector, unused at the moment) provive power for that ? 

Or should i just get a LK201 somewhere and mono-BNC monitor cable ? I
tried my monitor with XFree86 on Linux using homebrew modeline for
1024x864 @ 60 Hz and it worked like a charm, plus my monitor has BNC
inputs and can be switched to understand sync on green ? Is it possible
to apply mono output equally on all three color inputs somehow so
picture woudl en up being black/white instead of black/green ? I'm not
familiar with analogue electronics at all :) This solution would be
extremely elegant i think, if only i could get that keyboard somewhere
(i saw one on eBay, i'm not sure whether it's safe buying things that
explicitly say "untested, shipped as is" or "no warranty"). What kind of
cable/adaptor would it take to interface LK201 to HD15 console connector
if i do go this way ?

Blaz Antonic