Subject: Re: stray interrupt: vector 0x18, ipl 31 on VAX boot
To: Lyle Bickley <>
From: Chuck McManis <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/18/2003 09:18:36
I don't believe the UC07 writes any MSCP parameters to the disk so it 
should work. IIRC, some of the earlier CMD SCSI controllers wrote into 
block 0 the parameters that you told it during config. Also the UC07 likes 
to know which SCSI targets are CD-ROMs vs those that are r/w disks but I 
don't believe you have to tell it that.

On an unrelated note, once the CD booted on the KZQSA, were you going to 
install on to disks also attached to the KZQSA? The DSSI controllers are 
not supported.


At 08:50 AM 5/18/2003 -0700, Lyle Bickley wrote:
>I'll try booting NetBSD with an Emulex UC07 when I get a shot (about a 
>Under OpenVMS it will boot the same(!) SCSI disk as will a KZQSA - of course
>using MSCP as opposed to SCSI.
>Is it likely to work??
>On Sunday 18 May 2003 08:21, Chuck McManis wrote:
> > Ragge is correct, the KZQSA card is not a supported SCSI adapter under
> > NetBSD. You need an MSCP emulating SCSI card (or an MSCP emulating DSSI
> > card) to boot NetBSD.
> >
> > --Chuck
> >
> > At 10:49 AM 5/18/2003 +0200, wrote:
> > >The vector 0x4 interrupt is "machine check". And looking at the config
> > >it's obvious, you are trying to boot from some unsupported device,
> > >therefore referencing some memory address that does not exist.
> > >
> > >"boot dka0" would ask the boot program to load a kernel named "dka0"
> > >from the default boot device, which probably is unsupported if you
> > >loaded it from the SCSI adapter.
> > >
> > >-- Ragge
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