Subject: Looking to get rid of some of my vaxen...
To: None <>
From: DCGrendel <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/14/2003 10:36:29
I've got a few machines sitting around here I'd like to contribute/sell 
to someone who might be able to do something useful with them. I'd 
prefer to find someone in the middle-georgia area who wants this stuff, 
but will be happy to ship at new owner's expense.

uVax 3600:
BA213F - Pedistal, no door.
32MB (2x16MB)
RF71 x 5 (atleast 4 working)
RF30 (Unknown state)
TK70 & Controller (Unknown state)
9 Track Tape controller (no drive)
DESQA ethernet

Vaxstation 3100/m38
unknown state, never powered on, missing front drive cutout

Vaxstation 3100/m76
16MB ram, no internal scsi cable or terminators, GPX graphics, no disk 
shelf, missing front drive cutout