Subject: Is DEC cable 17-03531-01 B01 a scsi or dssi cable?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/12/2003 20:56:02
I am attempting to add a second scsi controller to my old
qbus VAX 40000 200 crate.  I need to cobble up a cable
from a 50 pin male card header to something scsi.  I would
prefer hd50 rather than old centronics 50 plugs, if possible.
Whilst perusing the depths of my odd box of DECish cable
bits, I ran across a cable with two hd50 ends and a 50 pin
dip header in the middle, constructed of individual wires,
a' la DEC.  This would be the ideal cable to run from the
qbus card up through the drive bay to the external cable
connection point, provided it has the proper pinouts, and I
clip off one of the hd50 sides to keep rf mismatches down
to minimum.

Anyone, offhand have any info on this particular DEC cable,
and if it is actually scsi?  If it is scsi pinouts, that would save
me a trip to the cable monger's shoppe to beg them to make
one up.....(:+}}...


Bob Keys