Subject: purification of the soul
To: None <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/11/2003 01:45:22
   I love the work I've been doing with embedded systems, but for some 
reason I desperately needed to do something different tonight.  So I 
dug out a VAXstation 4000 VLC that I got from William Barnett-Lewis a 
year or two ago and installed NetBSD/vax on it.  It had been running 
VMS happily, but I have plenty of other VMS-capable machines here, so 
the VLC was my choice.

   I've been a NetBSD/vax hack since the days when Ragge first got 
MicroVAX-II CPU support working (at the time I couldn't power an 11/750 
in my old apartment), but I haven't run it since back in the 1.4 days.  
It feels really, really good to be running NetBSD/vax again.

   The install (1.6.1 via CDROM, serial console, 24MB of RAM onto a 
2.1GB disk) went well and it seems to be running fine so far.  Thanks 
again, everyone, for such a grand OS for such grand hardware!


Dave McGuire                "Why would a brothel need
St. Petersburg, FL            a streaming media server?"      -Kevin