Subject: Re: random hardware questions
To: None <>
From: Tom Parker <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/06/2003 12:22:16
Blaz Antonic <> wrote:

>> I've had good luck with old Apple Mac CD-ROM drives and Plextor drives.
>> I think nearly at SCSI CD-ROM that supports 512 byte sectors should
>> work fine for you.

>OK, with HD transfer rates up to 1 MB/sec i guess anything better than 1
>Euro (US$1.11) 6x speed drives off eBay are a waste of money ? :)

The more modern the drive, the more likely it is to handle CDR and CDRW

My experiance is 2 speed drives don't read CDR, and 4 speed do, but doesn't
read CDRW. I don't know if a 6 speed would read an RW.

Tom Parker -