Subject: Network throughput and upgrading kernel questions
To: None <>
From: Blaz Antonic <>
List: port-vax
Date: 05/02/2003 09:04:56

I was downloading some stuff with my VS3100/m38 yesterday and i noticed
i get different throughput when using Lynx (preferred because i can
browse FTP sites) and wget:

When downloading something from external (outside local network) FTP i
got throughput of ~50 KB/s with Lynx and ~60 KB/s with wget;

When downloading something from local FTP (another box on same network
segment) i got throughput of 150 KB/s with Lynx and 220 KB/s with wget.

I could imagine speed degradation in latter case being caused by the
slow CPU (Lynx doing it less efficiently, with more instructions to
execute so CPU gets clogged up) but that doesn't explain the difference
between 50 and 60 KB/s where CPU should be able to handle it fine (it
can handle 150 KB/s with Lynx as proven by testing). Any ideas as to
what might be causing the slowdown ? What's ironic is that wget appears
to be doing more stuff while downloading (cosmetic updates to screen to
reflect progress).

I'm also curious as to what kind of throughputs do you people get with
Lynx and wget on VS3100/m38/m48 kind of CPU and on faster machines (like
VS4k m96). Perhaps i should also mention that there was next to no
network rtraffic going on while i was testing (it would slow traffic
down further because of collisions otherwise).

My other question is regarding kernel upgrade: i'm relatively new to
NetBSD so i followed one of the FAQs i found on the website. It suggests
getting syssrc.tgz and unpacking it in propper location and then
proceeding as normal with kernel comppilation. However i get an error
while doing make depend (about my compiler not supporting no-asm-pic i
believe); did kernel change so much between 1.6 and 1.6.1 so that it
requires new comp.tgz suite as well ?

Is there an automagic (i.e. pkg_*) way to update thinngs like compiler
suite or kernel source tree ?

One last question: since arch directories seem to be indenpendent from
one another i was wondering if anybody is making arch-specific (= much
smaller) source trees ? 1.6.1 is 23+ MB gzipped, takes quite some time
to unpack and only a part of it is used for vax port. While i don't
envision people maintaining the projet splitting up the kernel sources
and providing arch-specific "modules" that simply get added on top of
common kernel source i think vaxusers would appreciate vax-only kernel
source tree package (with others arch dirs stripped out), if somebody
can put it in a public location.

Blaz Antonic