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Date: 11/25/2002 23:32:34
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We just received this message at www@ -- thought it might be of interest
to somebody over here.  If not, my apologies.


A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely
foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

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 We have surplus two nos. of following mentioned computers.We want to
sale them off.pls contact us if you are interested in buying it.
The details are as follows.
Micro VAX II computers, DEC make- 2 nos.
 Model-630QB-A2 consisting of Micro vaxII CPU with floating point
processor.1Mbyte memory.BA123  enclosure,console terminal port and
BCC08-10 console terminal cable.

The technical details of the system are as follows.

The MicroVAX II was based on a single, quad-sized 32-bit processor board
and contained the MicroVAX chip (which included memory management). The
machine featured a floating-point coprocessor chip, 1MB of on-board
memory, Q22-bus interface, Q22-map for DMA transfers, interval timer,
boot and diagnostic facility, console serial line unit and time-of-year

MicroVAX II 630QY, 630QZ Owner's Manual (pdf)
at The DFWCUG Historical CPU Preservation Society
Relative Performance x VAX-11/780 (1 MIP) 0.9 
Technology NMOS 
Number of Processors 1 
Maximum Memory Support 16 MB 
Memory Type Parity 
Mass-storage Capacity 
Max. Local 4 Port Disk Controllers 2 
Max. Local Disk Capacity 2.8 GB 
VAXcluster I/O Servers (HSCs) N/A 
I/O Bus Capacity 
Max I/O Throughput 3.3 MB/s 
Bus Type 1 Q-bus 
LAN Support Optional 
Ethernet Adapters Optional 
CI VAXcluster System Support N/A 
Ethernet VAXcluster System Support Optional 
CPU Upgrade Kit N/A 
System Software VMS
Processor Features 
Floating Point Accelerator Standard 
Floating Point Data Types F, D, G, H 
Cache Size N/A 
Cache Cycle Time N/A 

Server protocol: HTTP/1.1
Remote host: 
Remote IP address: