Subject: Re: Sigh, will DSSI disks *ever* work with NetBSD?
To: Thomas Dzubin <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/21/2002 12:10:33
At 04:27 AM 11/20/2002, Thomas Dzubin wrote:

>I've got quite the collection of various 4000-series VAX here with a
>bunch of DSSI  disks...which are quite nice when I occasional boot up
>VMS, but it would sure be nice to be able to use them under NetBSD...
>instead, I bring out my external SCSIs and plug them in...
>Will DSSI ever work with NetBSD?
> this being actively worked on?
>Should I take my RF72s out and sell 'em on eBay?
>I doubt if I have the hardware-savvy to be able to volunteer to work on
>any code...although I am quite willing to be a code guinea-pig.

If one could get the DSSI and/or SHAC and/or MSCP specs, who'd be
interested in doing the work?  I, myself, don't have any DSSI/SHAC
based hardware.

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