Subject: Re: NetBSD/vax QBUS IDE?!
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/21/2002 16:16:20
>> [...] a homebrew QBUS IDE controller.
> A driver for this should be trivial -- Would just need a "wdc_qbus"
> front-end for the generic IDE controller driver that NetBSD has.

Yeah.  That's basically what I tried to do (I note this was uba rather
than qbus; presumably the VAX bus support has been reorganized since

include "dev/ata/files.ata"
major   {wd = 16}

attach wdc at uba with wdc_uba
file arch/vax/vax/wdc_uba.c             wdc_uba
wdc0 at uba0 csr 0171000
wd* at wdc? channel ? drive ? flags 0x0000
atapibus* at wdc? channel ?
cd* at atapibus? drive ? flags 0x0000
sd* at atapibus? drive ? flags 0x0000
uk* at atapibus? drive ? flags 0x0000

I found the URL; is the stuff I was
helping with.

It wasn't as trivial as it should have been, and I still have no idea
why not.  (Everything *seemed* to go fine, but transfers of other than
1 block didn't work; "dd bs=512 count=16" and "dd bs=1024 count=8" read
different data, and I have not even a theory why.  But it wasn't
totally b0rked; probe and attach worked and showed the right strings
and numbers, so something was working.  And provided I did everything
in 512-byte reads and writes, everything *appeared* to work.)  I do
have a copy of the source for my effort, which I will be happy to send
to anyone who wants a copy.

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