Subject: VXT2000 page file
To: port-vax <>
From: Stanley Reynolds <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/20/2002 18:54:24
I have a VXT2000 which is loaded from a vaxstation
3100/38 running netbsd. I use it with a decserver 200
also loaded with the 3100/38 to connect to the
consoles of 5 alpha 3000/300's ( I got a great deal
?). I may have a hardware problem with the vxt2000 it
will crash while the screen is blank sometimes. While
looking at this problem and changing the memory now at
16Meg I  think that is the max, I found a reference to
a page file. The system monitor shows reads but no
writes from a page file. My questions are is it
possible to add a page file on a netbsd host if so how
? Is it possible to auto start my 5 decterm lat
sessions ? Is it possible to create a config file on
the netbsd host ? I have no vms systems at present,
this is most likely a trivial problem if I had a
infoserver or vms host.


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