Subject: Re: X on mono VS 3100/m38?
To: NetBSD Vax Mailing list <>
From: Chris Wareham <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/20/2002 17:38:28
Lord Isildur wrote:
> With VR262s, i have had the experience that as they get older, they need 
> a _long_ time to warm up/ charge up the tube. What works for me is to 
> turn it on, (it won't make the nice staticky charging noise), let it sit 
> for maybe 10 minutes. Then turn it off and turn it back on after a few 
> seconds. It might not go the first time, but let it sit 'on' for a minute 
> or two and try it again. After a couple tries, it will turn on. It's just 
> fine after that.. just dont turn it off if you might need it on again 
> quickly :-)
> Once its good and hot, it has better chances of coming right back after 
> being turned off.. but might still need some waiting and a couple 
> retries. 

Oh damn. That means I probably threw a working VR262 into the skip a
while back. The green power LED came on, but nothing appeared on the
tube. Perhaps I should have been a bit more patient and left it on for
ten minutes longer.

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