Subject: Re: X on mono VS 3100/m38?
To: Chris Wareham <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/20/2002 11:30:30
Chris Wareham wrote:
> David Woyciesjes wrote:
> >       Well, I now (finally) have my VaxStation 3100/m38 setup, and ready to
> > go. I just have to see why it doesn't like the AUI cable I used to
> > connect it to my network. Other than that, it's ready to go.
> >       Anyway, has anyone done any work on getting a GUI on this beast? I can
> > help by doing some grunt work and what not. Let me know...
> >
> >       Currently, it has NetBSD 1.5 on it, with 32MB of RAM, and the VR262
> > mono monitor. I have 2GB & 600MB HDDs in the Storage Expansion Unit. I
> > have a full-size 9GB drive to replace the 2GB one :)
> >
> There was an unfinished X server somewhere on the NetBSD FTP site. I
> think there's a few postings in the NetBSD-vax mail archive that mention
> where it is.
> I compiled it under 1.5.3 earlier this year, but didn't have much
> success running it. The next step would have been getting the
> framebuffer documentation, but my VS3100 has since had to go to save
> space. I recall someone called Matt Thomas having copies of the
> documentation, and they may even be available at:
> If anyone ever does get the time to finish the framebuffer then I will
> definitely invest in another VS3100. I would get so much perverse
> delight from running X on it!

	Okay, so there is somewhere to start from. Time to grab an ISO of
1.5.3, then. Or should I load 1.6, and get it to work on that?
	Oh, BTW, this figures... I fired it up just now to see what's up with
the AUI cable, and the darn VR262 monitor doesn't want to turn on now!
Grrr!!! Luckily I have a DEC VRT17 monitor that works, although it's

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