Subject: DEC gear. Free for pickup in Sydney AU.
To: None <>
From: James Green <jamesg@PARRIMARK.COM.AU>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/15/2002 09:52:17
Hello all,

I have some gear that is free for anyone who can pick it up from Sydney, AU.
Email me off the list if interested.

 [*] Monitor, model: VR290-DA
One of these big old fixed-freq DEC monitors, made in 1987 and has three BNC
input connectors.

 [*] Cable for above monitor, model: BC18Z
15pin female at one end -> keyboard, mouse & 3x BNC at the other.

 [*] Keyboard to suit, model: LK201

 [*] Mouse to suit, model: VSXXX-AA
Hockey puck style mouse, no mouse ball.

All the above was working when last used on a MicroVAX w/ VMS.

Also up for grabs is a DEC 3000/400, model BA47A with KN15-BA Alpha CPU &
64Mb RAM.
It has no disks and preliminary investigation leads me to suspect that the
internal SCSI bus is bad.  Otherwise in good working order.  Before SCSI
went south this one ran NetBSD, and would prob run well (all be it slow
compared to more modern iron :-) diskless.