Subject: Re: microvax 3100 (10e? 20e?) 1.5.3 kernel needed
To: Brian Chase <>
From: Jonathan Towne <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/13/2002 09:00:11
On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 04:14:02PM -0800, Brian Chase scribbled:
# On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Jonathan Towne wrote:
# > as noted in the subject, I need a stripped-down kernel compiled to
# > get my vax working, it only has 4meg of RAM, and this seems to pose
# > a problem, as I can't even get a netboot-install running.
# >
# > the only version I can really do all of this with that I've tried
# > is 1.3.2, now, in reality, I don't mind running 1.3.2, but it
# > would be nice to use 1.5.3 instead, the 1.6 MOP loader seems
# > just plain broken, if anyone is interested, say so and I'll try
# > it again and paste the errors in another thread.


# > regardless, if anyone can do this for me, I could probably supply
# > a kernel config file for the machine.. (having never done this
# > for a vax ...) and we'll see if it works (?);
# >
# > alternatively, if anyone could give an explanation, in great
# > detail, how I would cross-compile a vax kernel on my 1.5.3
# > sparc (ss2) machine.. another interesting thing I'd like to
# > learn to do, but maybe another day.
# No need to resort to a cross-compile, necessarily.  Do you have a
# fairly modern Linux or NetBSD PC system hanging around?  You could
# install NetBSD/vax 1.5.3 on it under the SIMH emulator:

have now been playing with this for quite a while, and though i've
got a fully working netbsd install (1.5.2) .. ethernet support
refuses to work for me, so i can't get new sources, transfer
kernels out, etc :(

# Alternatively, I can try compiling up a 1.5.3 kernel for you on my 1.6
# system.  I believe that should work fine, though I've never actually
# tried to compile a kernel for a release previous to the one on which my
# system runs.  It may take another day; my MicroVAX 3100's batch queue is
# loaded with a half dozen package compiles.

this would simply rule.. and i can wait another day, the vax isn't
mission critical, by any means, it is just a long-running personal
project.  (but yeah.. just the necessities);

also, since nobody seems to want to tell me.. the CPU-ID
stuff in the vax kernel config files, where does the 
Microvax 3100/20e lay among that huge list?  is this list 
documented in a little more detail somewhere else? (sources?)

thanks all.
- Jonathan towne